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Parker Plastics Corporation

Pittsburgh's Pioneer Injection Moulders

3585 Valley Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15234


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Parker Plastics Corp. boasts unlimited engineering capabilities. From reverse engineering to mold design to mold revision/modification. Parker Plastics is well versed in providing the top OEM companies with highly cost effective alternatives and methods to encompass all manufacturing, developing, quality, and design needs.


Tool & Die

Parker Plastics Corp. also offers a full service tool and die shop to ensure little or no down time in the event of tool modification or in house tool fabrication. Our certified journeymen are well trained and experienced to articulately man any of our vast number and sized machinery which includes multiple CNC machines, laths, mills, grinders, etc.



Parker Plastics Corp only uses high spec. engineering resins including the following:

* Polypropylene

* Polystyrene

* Nylons

* Thermoplastics

* Polyethylene

* Polycarbonates

* ABS and ABS/PC

* Glass and mineral filled materials

* Static conductive materials

* Etc.

Colors and specific formulations of materials are based on the application of the product. We will also help you evaluate current materials used to reduce cost while focusing on balance, strength, elongation, flex, and durability based on the specific application of your product. Click HERE to contact one of our representatives today for more information.